Dehesa .Three and a half stars

March 7, 2013

So housemates reunion (for those currently in London) at Dehesa last night as one is moving up North for 6 months and hey, we’ve not had one for ages!. Chose Dehesa again – upmarket Tapas bar – as it is right behind Liberty’s so incredibly central and great transport links for everyone. We’ve been before and I’ve been to its sister restaurant, the Opera Tavern so we knew the tapas itself is modern and tasty.
I arrived first and cracked in to the Cava. Love just sitting in a bar on my own with the Standard and a glass of something chilled. Then even better, the others arrived.

The trouble with tapas is that you never know how much you’ve eaten. We ordered various dishes but I’m not convinced I ate a full meal. A piece of pork here, a chunk of chicken there, a chomp of chorizo, a forkful of flageleot, and a portion of patatas with an almond or ten thrown in. I’m not convinced I was full. But the bottles kept coming so I got distracted. I meant to drink my water but I forgot.

We had the table for a two and a quarter hour slot but unfortunately hadn’t ordered puddings when the whistle went. The lovely waiter moved us outside to the pavement  (outdoor eating in London in March!) where we had various cheeses and after dinner cocktails. Turns out I love espresso martinis. I lost count at three but when one guest left abruptly over a discussion on the rights to the Falkland Isalnds (can you believe it!) there was another one available and it seemed a shame to waste it.

Yes, the evening had wide ranging discussions. From why some people are lazy slackers at work and why don’t the bosses do anything about it, to haircuts , holidays and charitable fundraising. And living in London. And on the last point we were unanimous. Living in London is best done with some money in your bank account. And with that we set off towards the tube station.

And hailed a cab obviously.


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