Feast at the Young Vic. Three stars

March 3, 2013

The critics are raving. “Brilliant” “Mesmerising” and the like for this journey through the world and the centuries of three African sisters told in song, dance, music and words.
The Young Vic is a dynamic theatre with a great vibe going on. And even here the audience are usually predominantly white and don’t reflect the capital’s cultural mix. But tonight the audience are much more multicultural. Presumably because we are seeing a production that speaks to them. And of them.
Widening the appeal and access of live theatre is laudable although I am glad I am not sitting directly behind the Rasta with his enormous hat housing his dreadlocks.
The set works really well with a marvellous stringed curtain that they project on to and a blank screen allowing seemingly seamless changes. And I enjoyed it once it got going – more as a spectacle than a play as it seemed that the narrative juddered at points but some fabulous dancing made up for it. I’d never realised that bright red boxers could look so good.
The vignettes of the struggles of theses peoples were fairly cliched at times but had laugh out loud moments and were trying to tell a real story through slavery, segregation, sex working and sport. And through it all ran the spirits their belief system operates with. Some pieces worked better than others, but the appropriation of black culture by the white majority was amusingly done. Three stars.


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