Celebrity Encounters

March 1, 2013

Most people have a story of when they have seen someone famous. And we live in London so it is not unknown to see well known faces out and about getting on with their lives. What is it that makes seeing a celebrity noteworthy at all?  No idea, but I like it when it happens.

We sat on the next table to Gordon Ramsay and his wife a few years ago at the River Cafe. Made us feel we must be eating in the right restaurant if he was spending his money there. And it was a fab meal.
Ant and Dec live in Chiswick and we have seen them as we haunt the restaurants there. There are lots of others we have passed in bars or on the streets, but my top celebrity spot was an A-list Hollywood star.

We were staying in a chic hotel in New York, the Mercer. It has a busy lobby area where lots of people come and go. Hubby and I were sitting there, waiting for the children to join us. I was facing with my back to the door and hubby was opposite me. Suddenly he said “You’ll never guess who’s just come in – Richard Gere. Looks like he’s going to the lifts.”

I have never moved as fast. It was sheer instinct. Didn’t think about it for a split second. I just ran and was in through that lift door just as it was closing. And there we were. Just the two of us. Me and Richard Gere in a space no bigger than a broom cupboard. This was a chance in a lifetime.

He was shorter than I  had imagined, in a crisp white teeshirt and jeans. He looked as if he had just come out of the shower. All fresh and clean and fabulous silver and grey hair which was recently cut and short. He smelt good. He asked me which floor I wanted. “Three please.”

And then I was paralysed. I couldn’t say anything. Should I say I liked his work? Ask him for an autograph? Get my tits out?

I did nothing.  The lift stopped at three and the doors opened. I breezed out. “Thanks.”

And that was it. I had my moment with him and I blew it.
But I can in all honesty say I’ve been alone in a tiny hotel room with him and leave people to imagine something much more interactive!


6 Responses to “Celebrity Encounters”

  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I absolutely love reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I enjoyed it!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ha ha, laughing at the image in the lift, Yes, he is small but …..
    T x

  3. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Hahahaha “get my tits out”? I would have LOVED it if you had done that in sheer panic…

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