Pollen Street Social

February 23, 2013

Our anniversary dinner is at this Jason Atherton restaurant, just off Regent Street.  Got there down this tiny little alleyway and was met by a lovely vibrant receptionist who wished me happy anniversary. Husband had already ordered the champagne and was scoffing the mixed nuts. The decor is fairly muted, simple with long lines and lovely lighting.
The clientele are all post-work. The vibe is more linkedin than facebook. Lots of talking, not so much head back laughing. No colour – everyone in black, white or shades of grey. Median age 35. No one concerned at the high prices.
The tables are very close together and it is impossible not to catch chunks of next door’s conversations. but I have two wonderful blue eyes to stare in to so am distracted. The starters are tricky for me – all fish except one that is deer so I opt for the vegetarian ‘Full English breakfast’. It is a puree of tomato and mushroom with tiny fried bread croutons and a beautiful egg.

I then go for the fillet steak with salsify and a smoked garlic mash. The steak is perfect but overpowered by the smokiness of the mash, and the salsify doesn’t have enough oomph to cut through. Bonemarrow is tasty tasty. Too full for puddings I opt for coffee and we still get given divine mini almond and rhubarb cakes and a plethora of macaroons and chocolates. I slightly regret not ordering pudding.
Our waiter was nice enough, but didn’t have that extra interaction that makes service great rather than good, and the whole place perhaps technically getting things right, but just not pressing my buttons fully and so I find myself giving it only 3 stars.

But my husband still gets full marks x


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