Hot desk, not desk

February 15, 2013

I’ve written before about hot desking,(https://sarahspoutsoff.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/hot-desking/ ) but it’s getting ridiculous in some places now. I don’t know anyone personally who actively likes it. This fashion for not having an allocated workspace but simply a first come first served system where there aren’t actually enough desks to go round. It becomes a bit like musical chairs, only people save their seats when they get up to dance for the music. Any benefits there are appear financial and all in the employer’s favour as far as I can see – there are no plus points whatsover to those who have to operate it. Some tolerate it, but I don’t know anyone who prefers it to having their own desk.
Companies might like it because people get in earlier to try to ensure a desk and the office floor space required is less as they seem to operate on an assumption of 80% occupancy. But somehow, because I am not an early bird, I rarely find a seat in the ‘team’ I am supposed to be consulting to.
The allocated spaces are often minute. Just enough for a lap top and screen. No spreading out of hard copy to easily compare across documents whilst writing another and no personalisation of desk space. You could be anyone, anywhere. Just a number. It feels like a nightmare scifi novel.
Unable to find a space in my team or a related one, I end up in finance or HR or another floor of the building altogether. Hardly conducive to team building or exchange of ideas.


11 Responses to “Hot desk, not desk”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Or, the latest progression in our ‘media-types’ office – “oh, so-and-so (usually one of the bosses) likes to sit at that desk, so you’d better leave it free”. Translated as: “would you mind sitting next to the bin?”

    • Oh yes Victoria – so much for the ‘we are all equal’ in the brave new world of hot desking! Bosses seem to get deferential treatment whether they ask for it or not. Just by ‘usually’ sitting somewhere it becomes theirs. Meet you at the bins!

  2. Kate Morgan Says:

    worked it out I think

  3. michael Says:

    it’s super-cool google copying to drive innovation and expose you to new ideas and ways of thinking!

    but at least it means you never get stuck sat next to someone you hate for years

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You wait, the latest ‘innovation’ is no seat – you stand at the hot desk. Supposed to be better for us as its not sedentary haha

  5. Kate Morgan Says:

    written as you hot desk???

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