Satisfying purchases and the two week rule

February 12, 2013

When I used to work only two or three days a week, I used to shop a lot. I love it. Not food shopping as I’m not a foodie, but clothes, shoes, household stuff, presents. Just the looking and discovering were enjoyable, even if I didn’t buy anything, at least I knew where to go or what to buy when I did have a purchase to make. I am happy shopping alone or with others. With others and I tend not to be quite so productive on the shopping front (see http://wp.me/p2kjYh-wO ), but extremely enjoyable. I tend to opt for getting the shopping done, not stopping for coffee, but moving on to a meal and drinks when shopping complete.
Anyway, I haven’t shopped so much in the last couple of years, but have done more of it online on an as-needed basis. And so it was I caught the end of the John Lewis sales last week and ordered a shed load of bargain clothing. All with free next day delivery to our local Waitrose. How easy is that?
Our youngest has a maxim that if you don’t wear a new clothing purchase within two weeks you never will. I think this is a marvellous truism. Unless the item is bought for a specific event in the future. I can look at my wardrobe and see things I loved but have bever worn. I will take them out, try them on and be unable to find the right top to go with it, the right shoes or whatever, and so it goes back in unworn. It has taught me to buy complete outfits as I never find the perfect skirt to go with the blouse at a later date. And what a great excuse to buy the full kit!
But anyway, back to my recent online purchases. They have been great! Serious bargains – dresses at 75% off – one I’ve worn to work twice already, and one I’ve worn out three times. So according to daughter’s maxim these are trusted staples now.

easy going out number

easy going out number

obviously, the coat

obviously, the coat

The coat has been worn every day (also bargainacious) and another dress is reserved for a night out soon. Four dresses have been returned despite two being ludicrously cheap becuase they were only ‘OK’. I need to feel good in clothes (even if you don’t think so!), hence ones that don’t quite cut the mustard have to go back. If I have to convince myself something is good, then it’s not good enough. One dress is identical to the work dress but in a different colour, so that will be coming out when the weather is brighter. But I know I’ll wear it because I’ve worn its twin so much already.

worksdress number one

worksdress number one

Then there are the two dresses that I’m in a quandary about. Both relative bargains considering the quality, both fabulous colours. One is a bit too tight but I love it. Will I lose the weight to fit it? Really? The other is an silky number which is lovely but will I ever really wear it? What to? It’s a bit posh for me I think. In the grown up, staid sense of the word, not just because it was originally an expensive dress (but not when I bought it! ).
So, those two are in limbo at the moment, hanging in my office. I have to decide by the end of the month what to do. First world problems indeed.


4 Responses to “Satisfying purchases and the two week rule”

  1. Tssr14 Says:

    Fashion show at home with your fasionistq mates for sound advice and few glasses is the way to go i think

  2. Kate Morgan Says:

    Think you may have been wearing these on Sunday!!!

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