Weekend dining

February 11, 2013

I was out for dinner Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week so we thought we’d eat in on Saturday. I suggested I cook a risotto or some pasta but hubby was fancying Chinese takeaway, and the one on our road is under new management so let’s give it a try. Anything would be better than suffering my cooking!
Unfortunately it was inedible. Well, that’s a tad harsh. The cauliflower tempura were not in a light batter as I’d expected, but just cauliflower with tiny bits of chilli and seasoning sprinkled over them. Hmmm. The beef in black bean and chilli sauce was ok. Ish.
Meanwhile husband said the squid was tasteless and the chicken exorable. He couldn’t eat it. Could I make risotto instead? This last comment tells you all you need to know about the depths the Chinese had obviously plumbed. Husband actually asked me to cook him something. I think it is a first.
Then the next day we met up with sister and her partner and had lunch at the Duke of Kent (again). In a similar vein to the previous evening, I had offered to cook but it was declined, opting to go out instead. I could take it personally but I don’t because in fact it was really good to simply sit and chat and have it all delivered.
And I did something I have never ever done before. And I felt guilty, and naughty and it felt wrong. But I liked it.
I ordered a Yorkshire pudding with my pork. I know, I know. It is so wrong. My mother would be spinning in her grave. Yorkshires only go with beef. Full stop. But I was led in to temptation by the menu suggesting I could ‘add a Yorkie’. So I did. I am weak and I have sinned, but it was worth it. Yum. Actually the whole roast was good. Good cracking, tender pork, nice veg – red cabbage, sweet potatoe, beans and more. Others reported similarly for the beef and lamb. The Rioja slipped down a treat too.

Check out the Kent's whacky chandelier made of wine glasses.

Check out the whacky chandelier made of wine glasses.

Puddings didn’t get the thumbs up quite so heartily although the evidence showed a damn fine attempt to clear plates so they can’t have been tooo awful. But the apple crumble did look like the crumble had been added on top afterwards and not cooked with the fruit, the ice cream had melted all over the lemon tart so it had obviously been standing awhile, and the jam roly poly was solid. Really solid.
I had cheese which had a refreshing apple, lovely raisin bread, crackers, yummy stilton and a goats cheese plus a couple of bland brie-like ones I could have done without (but didn’t of course!). Would have preferred a tangy cheddar to offset that lovely apple. But all in all a good lunch, with great friendly service in an unpretentious environment. And the company was good too!


4 Responses to “Weekend dining”

  1. Kate Morgan Says:

    Well we discussed it at length!! Mother was frowning ( but secretly laughing). Was a good meal – I had beef with my Yorkshire! Sunday lunch at yours Sarah , not declined – just postponed! Good time.

  2. georgiemcclarke Says:

    MEGA controversial, yorkshire pud with pork goes against everything you ever taught us!

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