Game changers

February 10, 2013

Some things alter everything. The way you do things. The way you interpret things. And you cannot imagine life without them. And other things make life so much easier or better, if only in small ways. So I give you my

Top Ten Game Changers

  1. GHD hairstraighteners. What a revelation. And being shown how to blow dry my hair properly (aged about 40!)
  2. Proper walking boots. The comfort and protection of real walking boots changed my perception of walking. It’s still not my preferred choice if it’s up hills, but so much more enjoyable with the right footwear. Similarly having my first pair of adidas trainers that had real cushioning instead of thinking Green Flash plimsolls were state of the art.
  3. Duvets. What a joy. I first came across continental quilts as they were known when I was very young. My best friend in primary school had them and they were a fascination. What? No blankets at all? But then a ten year gap and I didn’t see them at all until College and suddenly all that ‘hospital corners’ and tucking in of sheets and blankets was a thing of the past. Made life so much easier.
  4. Tampons. Oh get over yourselves, come on. I know it’s not a pleaseant subject but it affects half the population. As a girl this did suddenly mean real freedom. In my day the alternative was a sanitary towel the size of a paperback novel. Hardly discreet.
  5. Lycra. In particular leggings. But anything that made maternity wear easier and less frumpy has to be welcomed. I was in billowing smocks with huge collars for our first. Disgusting.
  6. Ready made garlic bread and hummus. I like to think I don’t buy ready made, processed food but there are numerous exceptions if I’m being honest. These two being prime examples of things I routinely used to make by hand but now don’t. Ah, timesavers….
  7. My little gadget for doing presentations. You know, the little hand held clicker that advances the slides. Transformed my presenting style.
  8. Sky plus. With series link. Oh yes, what a luxury to come in after a night out, flick on the TV, scroll through 900 channels and find nothing to watch and then remember that series 2 of Suits is sitting on the planner waiting to be played. Bliss.
  9. facebook. Annoying as it may be it has reconnected me with some fantastic people from my past and maintains a level of contact with folk that I really enjoy.
  10. The Lady Grey squash racquet. Made such a difference after only having one I had got free with Green Shield Stamps. 220px-Green_Shield_stamp
  11. Shellac/gel manicures. Two to three weeks of perfect nails. Incredible.
  12. Being shown that if I simply swipe the little icon when a message comes through on my iPhone, it will automatically open. D’oh.

Simple pleasures.


4 Responses to “Game changers”

  1. I would add the autocorrect option in your word processor. No matter what language you use, you can now speed up your typing and later just look at the red underlines….

  2. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Most of these I grew up with so weren’t game changers, but massively agree with number one, and number eleven if I could afford it!

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