People watching

February 2, 2013

I love observing others. Can’t help it. Find it really interesting. I make up lives and backstories for people I sit opposite on trains. I imagine the lives of fellow diners that I don’t know. But I also appreciate watching the physicality of others. I try to do step classes regularly. Not been so good the last six months since my injuries and haven’t got completely back in to it, but noetheless I go often enough to see the same people time and again. And considering we are all allegedly doing the same class, with the same instructor to the same music, it is amazing how individual people can make it look. Today I took a flying tumble arse over tit, but that isn’t usually the way the individuality manifests itself!

I love the whole group exercise thing. And it gives me a chance to watch others (when I’m not too busy falling over). There’s a woman whose body mechanics fascinate me. She reminds me of a marionette. Her trunk doesn’t move at all – her movement is solely limbs – from the hips down and bent elbows pistoning back and forth. She’s very good, on the beat and foot perfect but the stock still head neck and trunk are disconcerting. Then there’s the woman who in my life story for her is Spanish. I have no idea if she is – I have never heard her speak or spoken to her. It’s just she looks Spanish to me and she adds a flamboyance to kicks that reminds me of a Paso Doble or somesuch dance.
There’s a bloke and a woman who expend about 3 calories the whole class. I can’t understand it. They don’t look like they put any effort in, but they come time and again so I assume they are getting something out of it. The woman has a face like a slapped arse and looks really pissed off the whole time. Bizarre.
Then there are people who don’t step in time to the music. How do they do that? I have no technique and an ability to make everything look like a huge effort, but the one thing I have is rhythm. And it’s the only thing that drags me through a class sometimes because it’s like dancing. The music carries you. So how they do it without a musical bone in their bodies I don’t know.

Then there are the people who are simply inspiring and energising to watch. With an assuredness of where their body is in space and a positive attack to everything they do. They jump higher, kick further, turn more and just appear to bounce. I was watching one of them the other day. She was in a different position in the class to usual and  she was in front of me the whole time. It was lovely to watch that spring in her step.

I’d better stop now before I write about the people I do know and they think I’m a bit creepy and weird watching them in class……………


2 Responses to “People watching”

  1. Cecilie Says:

    And finally, there are the people who sharply observe everyone else, and manage to put into words what we all can recognize in our own experiences. Thank you – we want MORE, MORE!!

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