January 18, 2013

Lovely midweek evening out with female friends. Four of us whizzed home from work, quick change and out to Waterman’s Arts Centre. It is one of the most underwhelming venues in one of the loveliest locations – right on the river Thames opposite Kew Gardens.
It has been an institution for the 25 years we have lived in Ealing and serves the community with theatre, films, music and classes. It used to be a great music and quiz venue but despite its recent refurbishment is still a grim building and not one you want to spend more time in than necessary.
However, we had booked to eat in the Indian restaurant within it. Horrendous tables and chairs in a stark arrangement but surprisingly nice food and the wine of course slipped down a treat. Just the chat and the meal would have been a great evening out but there was more!
We were actually there to see Quartet – Dustin Hoffman’s directorial debut which tells the story of the residents of a retirement home for ex- musicians. We have Maggie Smith and her withering looks, Pauline Collins as the sweet, loving dement, Billy Conolly who’s mild stroke has disinhibited him, Tom Courtney, Michael Gambon and the list of stars goes on and on. A very easy, Sunday afternoon movie; trite, cheesy, fairly slow, predictable and shallow story but some humour, lovely snippets of opera and other songs, and poignancy made it perfect fare for my Thursday evening. Although I did have to nudge one of my mates to stop her snoring.
Three stars.


2 Responses to “Quartet”

  1. Deb Says:

    I remember the Waterman with great fondness. Used to live in Brentford so many a wet Sunday would be spent sitting on the floor in the cafe area with the newspapers drinking coffee and listening to great jazz. Miss those carefree days…… Also saw Quartet and loved it – Pauline Collins was fab and the music fantastic – also loved all the cameo roles.

    • Yes Waterman’s has a special place in my heart from many years ago too! But it is a pretty grim place now. Glad you enjoyed Quartet too – it kind of split our group down the middle!

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