Vintage wedding

January 13, 2013

rubbish shot of bride and groom. But you get a feel for the room

rubbish shot of bride and groom. But you get a feel for the room

I love a wedding. It’s a getting together of lots of friends and family to celebrate. Everyone makes an effort to be there, to look smart, to have a good time and be nice to each other. And the public decalration of love is so heartwarming. Old softie that I am under this hard boiled shell.

I love the speeches – the tributes, the thanks, the recognition of good times, bad times, hard times. When I say I love the speeches, obviously I don’t love all speeches. I love good ones. Heartfelt ones. Romantic ones. Funny ones. Not long and boring ones, rude ones or disrespectful ones. I love speeches to mark any occassion – a chance to say a public thank you, or ‘I think you’re great’ or ‘Thanks for sticking with me’.

When my parents and sister made speeches at my surprise 40th (last year lol, I wish), I am so glad I got the chance to respond and thank Mum and Dad for the childhood they gave us – as the next time I spoke publicly about them was their funerals. So it is comforting to know that I did acknowledge the grief I put them through and the hard work parenting is and that I appreciated it. Don’t think I thanked my sister that evening, but did a trubute Ode at a  birthday celebration for her later.

Anyway, last night we were invited to the wedding party of friends I had met through work – so didn’t see the speeches but had a party in one of the coolest venues in London – Sketch. It is a pretentious fusion of art, music and food.  Hubby and I had eaten there a few years ago; cripplingly expensive, but a sensational experience. It is mental from top to toe. In a hi-fashion, pop-art sense of course darling. It is just off Regent Street, where Dior used to be based but the rooms in this Regency town house are now different restaurants and bars. We were in the Parlour where the 1970s swirly decor is pulled off in a retro-chic kind of way. The staff are all well coiffed and beautiful, there are neon lights and art installations all over the place. And the trip to the toilets is a neccessaity to get the whole Sketch experience. You have to walk through one of the restaurants where no one is over 30 and no starter costs less than 30. Moving images are projected around the walls and then you come to the two sweeping staircases that caress a bar undersneath. The stairs and walls and ceiling are completely white. In a way that nearly blinds you and it is hard to make out where you need to go. But the toilets are arranged upsatirs. The most bizarre white pods . You step in and it is neon orange inside with chirping birds or tree frogs accompanying your tinkle.

Space age toilet pods

Space age toilet pods

But enough about the place. It is always the people that are more important. And the bride looked beautiful. As we knew she would. Even if in a bin bag this woman would look fabulous. A cream lace vintage dress, hair up with a beautiful clasp and tumbling down in wisps. And radiating wedding 001happiness. She has been with the groom for seven years (the Seven Year Hitch as he called it) and she knows he is the one for her. No question. Lovely.

The champagne flowed, and the wine. Friends were there that I hadn’t seen for years, and lots of folk I didn’t know. The DJ kept with the 70s decor and gradually moved to the 80s and we danced and drank and laughed and had a great time.

We left the youngsters to it, passed the top-hatted doormen and hailed a cab. I love London.

Celebrating is thirsty work!

Celebrating is thirsty work!


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