Headliners Comedy Club in Chiz Wick

January 7, 2013

Walked in to George IV pub on Saturday night and thought ‘This may be Chiswick, but not as I know it.’ Arsenal were playing and the TVs all round the huge room were full on and throngs of men were riveted and making aggressive noises and giving off somewhat scary vibes as I walked past. It was over a few minutes later and the tension relaxed and the volume deceased. Three of us opted for fish and chips and I went steak and ale pie and chips (healthy eating manyana manyana….) and I can tell you mine was great. Home made pie and crispy fat chips. Plus ‘seasonal vegetables’ of cabbage, carrots and courgettes. Not sure they are actually seasonal but they all begin with C so perhaps that’s what the chef meant…….
Anyway, I’d booked our tickets for the comedy club – a room out the back of the pub. A table was reserved for us. Right next to the stage but to the side. I asked to move and we went in to the second row, still high risk for being picked on, but a better view than side on. The room itself is big, high ceilinged and bright with an integral bar and they serve snack food throughout. Nice set up.
Comedy clubs are a bit pot luck on the whole. Often you don’t know who is performing, or even if you know their names in advance you have no idea who they are. But it is always a good night. I am pleased if one is funny. If they are all funny that is a bonus. And we got our bonus even before they started as we bumped in to some more friends as we were settling in. It’s great when that happens.
The lights dimmed and out compere came on . Full on large black woman with bright red hair, huge smile and filthy mouth. Ninia Benjamin. Naturally endearing and laugh out loud funny. Which is more than can be said of the next two acts, Sean Percival and Carey Marx. Amusing moments from both of them but not acts I would rush to see again. Luckily Ninia was working us well in between each of them and the final act, Bob Mills, was worth it. Our age, old pro and funny.
Despite the line up not being the best I’ve seen, it was still definitely worth the price of a ticket -an easy, enjoyable night out in a London boozer. It’s good to laugh.


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