Avoid this going forward please….

December 14, 2012

You might have thought I had exhausted all my energies on hating the way language is used. But I haven’t. Today I have been fired up by the insidious appearance of ‘reach out’ at the end of an email rather than straightforward suggestion to ‘contact’.
“If you need any information, reach out to x and y “, or “I’ll let you reach out to x directly.”
I don’t want to ‘reach out’ to various colleagues. If I need them, I’ll email. Or call. “Reaching out” is overblown, emotive, nauseaous. It conjours up visions of the comfortably off opening their loving arms and hearts to touch the poor and needy.
If I get another one today, I might just ‘reach out’ and throttle someone.


10 Responses to “Avoid this going forward please….”

  1. Martin Sanders Says:

    Heard of this on the radio this morning. George Orwell – Politics and the English Language 1946. I think he was ahead of me http://www.orwell.ru/library/essays/politics/english/e_polit/

  2. Wizzardian Says:

    I had no idea that you ranted in cyberspace too!
    You really need a glass of wine and to chill!

  3. Martin Sanders Says:

    There are so many people in my company who use this crap language. I call it Macelish. And going forward is one of the worst by the way, so i’ll assume you’re just being ironic….

    • Ok, give up. Why Macelish? And thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt about going forward – you were right to!

      • Martin Sanders Says:

        I work for Mace. Macelish therefore a mangling of Mace and English, mangling being a fairly appropriate description of what they do to the text of many documents. I work in an industry where a spade is most definitely called a spade and not a manually operated earth inverting implement, but am being invaded by many be-suited managers who wouldn’t know the difference between a spade and a shovel. They don’t like it when i return their proposed submiittal documents heavily corrected and about half the original word count after i have been through them. I won’t sign anything i wouldn’t have written myself. I have also found that “fuck” or “that fucking thing” or “that fucker” or “fuck that (for a game of soldiers)” fits many situations where various buzz words are used, and also that “fuck off” works in every language i have encountered. Billy Connolly does a brilliant routine based on this. I have a feeling this could go on a rant but i have work to do.

      • love it – you need to start your own blog Martin!

  4. janetditch Says:

    How do they think up this fucking nonsense??

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