Christmas shopping Clarkey-stylee

December 10, 2012

Thought I would start Christmas shopping so arranged to meet mate uptown in Selfridges. In fact she was ‘finishing off’ her Christmas shopping as had been doing it for weeks, whereas I had done a bit on the internet but was basically planning to break the back of it that afternoon.

We are a bad influence on each other and lasted about an hour –  20 minutes in Sefridges then a stroll up Marylebone High Street. I did buy stuff – so technically it was a successful trip. But basically we found the tapas bar I’ve always fancied trying and parked up with a bottle of New Zealand chardonnay. Gorgeous. Then her daughter joined us on a very late lunch break from work and we ordered some wonderful food and more wine. And more wine. Then her daughter went back to work and we ordered more wine. And more. Four bottles down I text my husband to come join us after work. And order another bottle. He arrives and orders some food. And another bottle. We tell the waitress how great she is and she says that the staff are impressed with us too. ” We were just saying that most customers get really aggressive when they drink as much as you.”  We think it hilarious and Richard orders more wine and we decide this is the last one so call Addison Lee and head home.

I get in and am ravenous for carbs and shit. A whole bag of Kettle Chips later and I started on the Quality Street. The room is starting to swim and I realise I need my bed. Husband already conked on settee. What a mess we are. But highly recommend the wonderfully tasty food, excellent service and fabulous wines of The Providores – four and a half stars.



13 Responses to “Christmas shopping Clarkey-stylee”

  1. Ray Says:

    Oops, me!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    He is a bad influence on you, mind you this story was oddly familiar, very funny. Oh well déjà vu obviously x

  3. janetditch Says:


  4. michael Says:

    absolutely brilliant

    drinking and buying presents late, our family traditions

  5. Lorna Kyle Says:

    I am seriously beginning to believe that you have an extra set of kidneys…….

  6. Sally Says:

    The Providores is one of my favourite restaurants and owner, Peter Gordon, one of my favourite people. Good choice, wish i was there more often to enjoy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    nobody does it like you. Style and smartish and somewhat lost. I envy you. donotregret. Stay cool. lol.

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