Would have could have should have

December 9, 2012

Rosie on the left. Best buddies.

Rosie on the left. Best buddies.

Loving life

Loving life

Would have could have should have

Today would have been Rosie’s birthday,

(Would have could have should have)

She would have been twenty three

(Would have could have should have)

But that bastard Mother Nature

Said it was not to be

But today is Rosie’s birthday,

In my head and in my heart,

She’s with us still in spirit,

In laughter, fun and art

She’s with us when we party,

She’s with us when we cry,

She’s with us when we celebrate

She’s with us till we die.

So fuck you Mother Nature,

Playing evil games and tricks,

You can’t take Rosie from us

She’s a memory that sticks.

A memory that’s palpable,

A memory that’s strong

And we’ll always celebrate our love for her

Because taking her was wrong.

I don’t believe in God and shit,

But if angels are forever

Then there’s one with sticky fingers

Getting everyone together.

Perhaps we’ll see you one day

At an afterlife event,

But in the meantime here on earth

You never really went.

We think of you and often

When we party hard and long,

When we play games around the table

Or hear a much loved song

We see bits picked out of bowls of food,

CDs not in their case,

And smile with fond remembrance

Of our cherished Rosie Grace


10 Responses to “Would have could have should have”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lovely poem – full of her energy.

  2. Holly Mills Says:

    This is lovely, sticky fingers ♥ xxxx

  3. Cecilie Says:

    Bravo. Be glad you wrote these lines, they are very sustainable for years to come too. Some losses makes you rich. Thank you for sharing this lovely memory with us. I like the title too. 🙂

  4. Edward Stevens Says:

    Fantastic poem Sarah. Happy birthday dear Rosie xxx

  5. georgiemcclarke Says:

    What a beautiful poem Mum. Miss her so much xxx

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