Three stars (just) for Straight

December 6, 2012

We have seen some fantastic stuff at the Bush theatre. Lots of great new writing and incredible acting in a tiny space that means you can’t help but be involved. So it was with great anticipation we went with a couple of friends who had never been before. The new building is great. I say new but it’s probably over a year. Very Arts centre kind of feel with wine and ticket prices that don’t make your eyes water the way they do in the West End.

The fairly slow start was interrupted by the  “cock first” appearance of Waldorf, the protagonist (Lewis)’s best mate from Uni who had been travelling for the 7 years since,  whilst Lewis and Morgan were married and thinking about having a baby. Performances improved and Lewis portrayed his tightly strung sexual insecurity and uncertainty with a physicality that was palpable. Great performance too by the shopgirl picked up that day by Waldorf and who proceeds to introduce them to Humpfest  – a celebration of artistic, non-commercial pornography that she has been involved in.

During a drunken night out, the two men decide to have sex and film it for Humpfest and this gives rise to the funniest sketch whilst they dance found each other and try to delay the deed whilst still determined not to be the one that backs down. Lewis trying to cast off his risk-aversion and predicatbility and Waldorf sensitive with nothing to prove.

But it left me unsatisfied with lack of backstory meaning we didn’t really know enough about the characters motivations to really engage with them. What had their relationship been like at University? Why had Waldorf turned up? How did he know where to go? Why had Lewis never mentioned him to Morgan? Had Morgan really had a one night stand? With ten minutes more it could have had some real emotion with Lewis’ realisation and disintegration or liberation. But it didn’t. It was OK as far as it went, and had laugh out loud moments, but that’s all. So it just scrapes three stars.


2 Responses to “Three stars (just) for Straight”

  1. Janet Says:

    How did he enter the stage ‘cock first’ ??

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