Working our way through Ealing

November 14, 2012

Our bid to support local businesses rather than always opt for up town or Chiswick took us to the North Star last night. A dive of a pub when we moved to Ealing, but now a thriving busy boozer with good pub grub. I had the sense to ring and book a table in advance and just as well I did as even on this Tuesday in November all tables were occupied. And it’s a big old pub. Right in the centre of Ealing Broadway. Fairy lights ago-go with old style pub tables and chairs; nothing fancy, just solid.

I ordered the drinks at the bar, opting for wine for myself. ‘How many glasses?’ he said as he passed me the bottle . I felt unable to tell him the truth so asked for two. 🙂

We were marking the moving out of home of our son. Obviously he’s done it before (as a student), but this time it’s as a working man so should be final. All things being equal. He’s found a great house in Acton – lots of space and good sized rooms and last night we ferried over some more furniture and clothes and then went for the meal.

Tasty deep fried black pudding as a sharing starter, plus squid, chicken tempura and pulled pork sliders. All good that I tried. My main course  burger was actually excellent. French fries the standard stringy jobs whereas hubby had big ones with his fish n chips and he said they were great. Daughter’s fishcakes good, but the potato wedges disappointing. Salted caramel tart was more cheesecake than tart and did not have clotted cream as promised, but the brownie and crumble looked good and portions generous.

All in all a good pub experience,  food more hits than misses and I wouldn’t be unhappy if someone suggested we go back.

PS I may have drunk even more than I realised. We walked up to the taxi rank and hopped in a black cab. I was the last to get in and shut the door behind me. On my coat. And then was unable to actually sit in the seat or move as the cabbie had locked the doors and set off. Had to remove my coat to sit down. Awkward.


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