Afternoon tea at Dukes Hotel – how civilised!

November 5, 2012

Aunt, Uncle and sister and the remains of the afternoon tea

My aunt and uncle were over from Australia so my sister and I took them out for afternoon tea. There are a plethora of places offering this in London and I desperately wracked my brains to remember the one recommended by a London walks guide. We had been doing one of my beloved London walks. This one was around Mayfair and the Palaces and we stepped in to a hidden courtyard. I couldn’t remember the name and was reassured that neither of the friends with me on the walk could either. One of them doesn’t even remember being on the walk, so I got less paranoid about developing Alzheimers.

Anyway, I trawled the internet and plumped for one that hadn’t won an award from the Tea Maker’s Guild, but nonetheless looked nice and was also conveniently located. As luck would have it, when we turned down the street it was on, I suddenly recognised it as the one the guide had recommended so I was well chuffed. Not so chuffed when we arrived to be told they had no space despite my email booking. However, they were charming and easy and  accommodated us in a small sitting room downstairs with vibrant lime and fuschia chairs and settees. We perused the menu.  A hundred different types of tea and various combinations including champagne possibilities. At £30 basic  each, it’s not a cheap affair, but in fact the waitress told us we wouldn’t need one each, just order two plus extra teas and  a few extra sarnies and cakes. So we did.

And the Earl Grey tea was glorious and flowing.Such a refreshing change from my usual coffee. And then the food arrived on the traditional tiered plates. The bottom one contained finger size sweets; brownies, lemon meringue pies, apple crumbles, eclairs……….  The middle tier beautifully manicured sandwiches – oblongs with rounded ends containing tasty beef, egg, salmon or ham. And the top plate contained the cakes – fruit and madeleines – , scones and  teacakes. With the accompanying clotted cream and jam. Oh yes, They were all glorious. So easy to eat and so tasty.

And it was a lovely ambience in the hotel, perfect for chatting and relaxing, Highly recommend it when one has visitors to town and need a way of getting together in the daytime but you (or they) don’t neccessarily want the whole shebang of a three course lunch or dinner.  Four stars.


One Response to “Afternoon tea at Dukes Hotel – how civilised!”

  1. janetditch Says:

    Champagne TEA??? (said in voice of Peter Kay’s father – Cheese CAKE??)

    …yum sounds lovely and a whole day’s worth of calories!

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