I didn’t realise it was only me working the next day

November 2, 2012

Thursday is the new Friday. Well, it is as far as I’m concerned. And that’s a good enough reason to book a night out with a couple of mates. In fact it has taken us a whole year to find a date in the diary we can all do  – and last night was it.

We went to the Potting Shed – the bar and restaurant associated with the Dorset Square Hotel. Right next to Marylebone Station. Incredibly conveneient – and what a lovely station that is. Last night it had numerous soldiers and besuited ex-soldiers collecting for British Legion poppy appeal. So naturally I bought my first poppy of the year.

Surprisingly my two co-conspirators were already perched at the bar when I came in. Their cocktails ordered , it was down to me to choose. I left it to the barman who recommended a fabulous rhubarb, lemongrass, pear puree and champagne concoction. Mine was voted the best of all three so we all shifted to them for the next round. And subsequent ones.

The place itself was great. Class, style, great staff. Perfect combo. We moved in to the restaurant and the Chablis flowed like water. In fact faster that the water, which we only managed a couple of bottles of. In contrast we slugged four bottles of Chablis between the three of us. More cocktails and a very large gin and tonic.

The menu was great – brasserie style with something for everyone.Food was nicely presented and good enough – not outstanding apart from the bubble and squeak with my pork belly and the treacle tart which were both scrumptious. The staff were just how I love them. Friendly, intelligent, knowledgable, happy  and efficient.

Unfortunately we wanted more alcohol but they were unable to serve as we weren’t residents so we marched round to the Landmark Hotel. In to the Mirror bar which was bursting with men in kilts or tartan trousers (wrong on so many levels) and women in evening gowns. One of us was completely wasted. It wasn’t me. She struggled to get to the bar, gave up and had to head home. Hope she got there.

That left two of us chatting to a russian man allegedly in air conditioning and his ‘friend’, a singer. We accepted a drink off them and my friend thought it absolutely hilarious that he thought I was her mother. She’s 38 for fuck’s sake! I know technically I could be her Mum, and she’s very beautiful so it  could even be construed as a compliment. But we all know it wasn’t. This bastard aging thing.


6 Responses to “I didn’t realise it was only me working the next day”

  1. janetditch Says:

    Heroic! How are you today??

    • Surprsingly not toooooo bad, considering. Luckily my day started with a TC so was able to do that from home whilst sipping coffee, diet coke and Nurofen. Am started to perk up and look forward to the weekend proper! We must get together soon – Ray is meant to be on the case……

  2. Martin Sanders Says:

    Anonymous sorry forgot to fill in my name

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m still trying to remember what happened last night, i’m impressed you got so much detail. No headache this morning, just feel like i was run over by a bus several times. memo to self: if drinking whiskey ensure drink before beer especially if during unplanned meeting with a dozen irish groundworkers led by a legendary scotttish drinker. The girl that got frogmarched along with us who has just started working for our client British Museum after working in fashion marketing is probably still wishing she had gone home after one drink as she originally planned to. Five hours later hehehe.

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