Friendship makes the world go round

October 14, 2012

Had a blast last night sitting round our dining room table with a group of people we’ve known for years and years and a couple of people we’d only just met but had known the others for years and years.

We are of the same era and similar stages in life. No longer fretting when hosting as we know even if it all goes tits up nobody cares because they have come for the craic not the cuisine. Well, that’s my excuse – probably becuase I am not a natural gourmet cook. I’m a banger and mash kinda chick. But I digress. I had spent some time in the kitchen in the afternoon doing the main and pud, but I never do anything that needs attention during the evening as I don’t want to miss any chugging or chatting.

So the food came and was eaten. The bottles kept coming and kept emptying. The whisky provided a miracle cure for a sore throat. But the star of the show was the laughter. There was lots of it. It felt great. Just sheer good fun with lots of banter, lots of conversation. But even more laughter. What a joy it is to have people to laugh with.


One Response to “Friendship makes the world go round”

  1. georgiemcclarke Says:

    So true x

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