Tuk Cho in Ealing

October 9, 2012

Tuesday night in Ealing and three intrepid workers (OK, one unemployed) trek to the Asian street market restaurant allegedly to celebrate surviving the half marathon. Only one of us actually did it – the other two did a lot of cheering. The other marathonee is at home cooking shepherd’s pie and doesn’t want to come.

Great feel to the place – large, canteen style and friendly, enthusiastic waitress who helps us through the enormous menu with dishes I’ve never heard of. It’s a case of ordering a few starters and mains and things come as they are ready rather than in any particular order. I have to avoid the fish and fish sauces which reduces my choice but the waitress seems to really know the dishes and is able to point me in the right direction.

The wine (when the correct one arrives) is fabulous and the starters look great. Tasty calamari apparently and some vegetarian spring rolls that look and taste very healthy and are spiced up with a great dip. The mains a bit too bland for us despite being medium hot according to the menu, but mine –  some kind of beef curry – is not bad.

If I were going again I’d definitely go for something highly spiced just to get more flavour. Nice to have somewhere a bit different to go in Ealing, but wish it put more oomph in the dishes.


2 Responses to “Tuk Cho in Ealing”

  1. michael Says:

    It was a cottage pie, actually

    • sarahspoutsoff Says:

      Do you know I thought that when I read it again but I thought no-one seems to know the difference, or at least not care about it, so I’ll not bother editing it. How wrong I was. I stand corrected and have to say enjoyed the leftovers!

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