Memory lane

September 20, 2012

So, four nights away in the Yorkshire Dales and I may have eased a bit too far away from the walking as I seem to have simply eaten. And eaten. And drunk. Without the self righteous justification of having been up and down a hill or two. I was too scared of reigniting the injuries (see posts passim) of our last walking weekend that His Nibs agreed to small strolls. On the flat. And one day he did a decent walk and I lazed about on the gold duvet and called for room service.

Two hotels for two nights each and luckily the second one was better than the first. It would have been a struggle doing it the other way round. But recommend the Traddock in Austwick if anyone wants a break. http://www.thetraddock.co.uk/

Even had good food – which is fair praise indeed coming from us. Lovely staff, beautiful surroundings, luxurious rooms and sumptuous toiletries. I always think it is a good sign when you see the full size bottles of Molton Brown in the shower. And a rolltop bath in our bedroom.

And on our first day we retuned to my old stomping ground  – the Friarage Hospital Northallerton. Completely unrecognisable. Half of it bulldozed down and rebuilt a huge modern looking place. But luckily the doctors residences still looked the same. They looked fairly shit then. And they looked fairly shit now. Some things don’t change.

And then we found the pub that we used to go to – even if we were on call. The switchboard would ring the pub and we’d answer it from the other side of the bar. Ah, those were the days.

Similarly for hubby, our route home took in a pub that he hadn’t been to in 32 years but apparently sold the best pint he’d ever tasted, and then revisiting his university halls, his local (that looked the grimmest dump you’d ever seen) and the house he shared for two years. Of course he’d never driven round Bradford before so he had no idea how to get between all these places unless walking ‘through a ginnel’ or across a green. But we got to see them all somehow. And he tried to persuade me that people have the wrong idea about Bradford, and the sun shone on the york stone buildings. But I wasn’t really convinced. I think perhaps you have to live it to love it.


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