September 13, 2012

Birthday girl and her dad

Yes, last night we got Full House for the Clarke night out. The entire London contingent plus plus ones all made it to Nobu Mayfair. Funny that.

lining up the drinks……

Two complete newbies were initiated and survived. One a plus one and the other a new housemate of ours thus a Clarke by proxy. Twelve of us in the subdued and stylish setting, so we celebrated Georgina’s birthday with the mandatory starting cocktails and champagne, (for those who arrived on time!)  moving through white wine to port.

And of course food. Yes, it is the food which attracted Georgina to choose Nobu – a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian (natch) which basically meant plates of raw fish ago-go, sushi bundles and beef. Being allergic to fish set them some challenges but they rose to it without a murmur of complaint. The waitress chose for me and she chose well – a wonderful spinach, parmesan, miso and truffle salad which doesn’t sound much but was incredibly tasty. Followed by a beautiful succulent steak and sticky rice. And then pudding that included some kind of fried pistachio nuts, icecream, and deepfried chocolate goo thing. All gooood. But having one nightmare guest wasn’t enough for our family. No – we also have someone who is allergic to gluten. Which means you can’t eat soy sauce. Amongst other things, but no soy sauce in a Japanese restaurant is tricky. Luckily the wine was soy-free so she troughed in to that 🙂

The men had to move round the table every few courses to ensure we all got chance to speak to each other, but it did mean nobody knew who had ordered which dessert and a bit of a bun fight to get the ones that looked best on arrival.

And it was all going so well until someone suggested we play the same game that got us thrown out of Fino.

our individual signs

playing the game

The one where you each have a ‘sign’ and you all clap a rhythm. the first person does their own sign and then someone else’s so they then have to do their own sign then do someone else’s. And so it goes on until someone gets it wrong and has to down their drink. With 12 different signs and a vat load of wine already on board I was having difficulty remembering my own sign let alone anyone else’s. But we all found it hilarious and the other diners found it too loud so we were out on our ear again. (note to self ; choose venues that don’t mind loud and lairy diners).

It’s all going horribly wrong now

Home in cabs and from here it gets hazy. I don’t really remember chatting in the kitchen. Or eating cheese and biscuits. Or going to bed. All that time is a blank card in the pack. And I woke this morning feeling complete shit.

Think I must have accidentally had some fish. Can’t think what else it could be.


9 Responses to “Bingo!”

  1. Shad Says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

  2. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Great food, great drink, great night! Been paying for it today though! Also – using names now? Controv…! X

  3. Kate Says:

    Must be the Georgie effect – all those new people ( who are they??). Yeats another great Clarke night out then! Fish – a poor excuse!

  4. gitchorama Says:

    I almost feel like I was there! Awesome!

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