Olympics report three . More athletics and trivia

August 6, 2012

Another day, another Olympic event.. We are buzzing with Olympic fever and if not attending, then we are glued to the set.  Sunday afternoon disappeared as I was enthralled watching Murray pummel Federer on the TV.  And then you flick over, just to see what’s on, and sure enough before you know it another two hours has flown by.

This morning was another athletics session in the stadium for me. Such an easy ride along the central line, then out in to the crowds (but no jostling, just joshing) and in to the Olympic Park in an hour door to door. (OK, I admit it, I got a lift to the station, so that knocked off ten minutes) . No queue for a coffee, but the staff are still incompetent on the tills, and no queue for the loos. Great organisation. Great atmosphere. People chatting to each other and the Games Makers keeping everyone positive.

Cracking stadium

Then up up up to the top of the stand at the beginning of the home straight. Diagonally across from where I had been on Friday but higher up. And still an absolutely fantastic view. The sun peeking in and out of the clouds but no rain. The atmosphere cranks up as the officials start arriving and the stadium MC gets us clapping and cheering as loud as we can. The music thumps out and we are all in the mood to have a great session. This time I am not with my knowledgable husband and it appears i may know more than many others. “That’s where they’ll throw the discus. The yellow line is the automatic qualifying line, so if they throw beyond that they can bugger off and rest”.

I used to throw the discus at school. LOL LOL LOL. I was crap, but no one else wanted to do it. Before I knew it I was throwng for the county (very very small county – only two sheep and a dog). Then I went to an All Wales meeting representing Powys (a slightly bigger county but still more sheep than people) and as I started to warm up, someone said to me, “Your not allowed to throw like that any more, you’ve got to turn”.  I was still doing the basic introductory learning technique where you just stand at the front of the circle, transfer your weight a few times from one foot to the other and then lob it as hard as you can.  Here they were telling me I had to do the whole roatational thing that I’d never even tried before. Needless to say, my first two attempts got trapped in the nets as I spun wildly and threw the discus when I guessed I was at the right place. But wasn’t. My final attempt did actually go in to the field of play. But only about 20 feet. There ended my discus career.

Beep Beep! Hammer on board!

If we’d had those fantastic little minis that the Olympics have, I would have continued I’m sure. They are brilliant radio controlled cars that the officials put the thrown discus or hammer in and it drives back to the athlete. I love em. Watch them for minutes at a time!

Anyway the crowd were just so incredible. You can’t imagine the nosie until you are part of it. We were watching Round 1 heats for Men’s 800m and women’s 100m hurdles and 1500m. We were clapping and cheering all the athletes, but if there was a Brit in the mix the place went WILD. Honestly, you would have thought they were running the final the way we were screaming and hollering. It was just IMMENSE. And one of our  guys also qualified for the discus  and got the hugest roar as it landed well over the yellow line. There is so much that is great about the Games. The organisation has been seamless (ticketing issues excepted). The venues incredible (Earls’ Court excepted). The atmosphere absolutely immense and wonderful. Everywhere. I cannot reccommend it highly enough. Get tickets to anything if you can. Honestly. It is just fantastic.


2 Responses to “Olympics report three . More athletics and trivia”

  1. Jess Says:

    Ooh thanks for the blog, Sarah. Num num num…Olympics, mmmm. It started with Mexico ’68 when my mum suggested I make an Olympics scrapbook with cuttings from the Radio Times and the newspapers. Peering at a tiny TV watching David Hemery in grainy black and white winning the 400m hurdles in 48.1s (how amazing then to have brother John teaching history in our 6th form). Lillian Board the golden girl getting pipped for the 200m by Colette Besson of France. And then there was the moment on July 6th 2005, sitting in my office car park, just returning from lunch, ears glued to the car radio “And the games of the thirtieth Olympiad are awarded to the city of……LONDON!”. Woo-hoo! But how could we have foreseen how wonderful as you say…. What a privilege to be in that stadium, what an honour to watch the torch relay (four times). I will not forget being in the wall of sound at Dorney Lake as long as I live. Bemusing the family with my screaming, and as for being in a crowd belting the national anthem at two victory ceremonies, the experience cannot be described. I seem to have bought a lot of newspapers too. Now where can I get a decent scrapbook…?

    • WoW! You are a true fan Jess! I’ve only really come on board with these – altho my husband has been watching athletics forever so a bit has rubbed offf over the years.
      Bring the scrapbook in November!!xx

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