Another Ode – this time hot off the press

July 1, 2012

So last night I went to celebrate the birthday of one of the gym instructors. You can see her working in this clip from CNN World at Work fitness instructor

Obviously I was virtually double everyone’s age but when has that ever stopped me? The gym has been a great way to meet an entirely new set of people, not connected with work or the children. And we see each other in lycra most of the time so it’s a pleasure to see everyone glammed up and ready to party.

Struck lucky that one of the other members is pregnant and so was driving there and I got a lift in her fabulous Mercedes We arrived in style. Unfortunately the ride home wasn’t quite so sophisticated as the bloody car broke down so we were driven home in the back of the tow truck. But I digress. The evening was lovely ; one of her friends had put together a great video montage and her brothers gave beautiful tributes to her.

I , on the other hand, delivered the inevitable Ode

Ode on the Occasion of Shiv’s Surprise Birthday Bash

And so we all are gathered now,

This last Saturday of June

Not quite the actual date of course,

But fear not it’s coming soon!

All of us here, yes everyone

Has come to raise a glass

Or two, and toast a rarity

A Kiwi who’s got class.

I know I take the piss with her

She still cannot say “L”

But I love her Kiwi attitude

And it has served her well.

She puts in effort, learns her stuff

Technically it’s mastered

But sometimes I think that Les Mills guy’s

A complete and utter bastard

She motivates, inspires

Encourages and cajoles

To do her utmost to ensure

We reach our chosen goals

Her classes? They make legends

Be it Step, Pump or Attack

But don’t piss her off or piss about

She’ll send you to the back!

Shiv takes our fitness seriously

Will never let us rest,

And we are so lucky to have met her

She’s way up there -she’s the best.

So here’s a toast to you at thirty

Christ I wish that age were mine

Keep doing what you’re doing

And life will be just fine

Yes Shiv, we’re here for you tonight

To wish you love and luck

Although it don’t seem like you need it

Looking fab and fit as fuck

Fit in every sense


2 Responses to “Another Ode – this time hot off the press”

  1. nino Says:

    Lol…..you’re the best xx

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