Testing friendship

June 29, 2012

I count as friends those people that I would not hesitate to ring at 2 a.m. if I needed help. Admittedly I did this to my manicurist last year when completely off my face, but that was a mistake. And one of which I have no recollection. But she does. And tells me actually I rang twice. And the iphone call list doesn’t lie. But apart from that, I think that it is a useful yardstick to measure friendship by, and I hope they would feel able to call on me in the same way. After all, friendship is meant to be two-way. So it got me thinking of my

Top Ten Things That Make

a Female Friendship Real

  1. A friend is never jealous of you, only happy for your good fortune/great dress/new job/new boyfriend..
  2. A friend will always interpret everything you say or do in a positive way. A friend will always assume the best of you. A friend doesn’t keep a tally of things they have done for you and what you have done (or not) in return
  3. .There is no awkwardness with friends no matter how long since you were last together or last spoke
  4. A friend will tell you when you are being stupid/selfish/unreasonable and you won’t hate her for it
  5. A friend understands that husband/family may have to take priority and doesn’t hold it against you
  6. A friend sticks up for you when others slag you off
  7. A friend is able to make you laugh even when the shit has hit the fan
  8. A friend will tell you when your bum looks big in that if you ask
  9. A friend won’t slag off your partner even if they think he’s a twat because they know you don’t think so. (They will agree with you if you say he’s a twat, but they won’t say it first.)
  10. And a friend is still there (usually with a bottle of something) when the complete twat you were so in love with dumps you


2 Responses to “Testing friendship”

  1. That’s a great list! Female friendships are so important!

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