Another party, another Ode. This time for Rosie’s mum.

June 1, 2012

This Ode is to Rachel, Rosie’s mum, for her 50th birthday which was a few months before Rosie died.  It seems a lifetime ago in many ways. A wonderful, very happy  time in the back garden of their home in Coldershaw Road.

I realise these Odes are probably much better if you know the person involved, and also if you can say them in your head to make the clunky rhymes work when they are a bit tenuous! And at their best when you hear them after copious amounts of alcohol…..

I put the ones I have copies of on here as a further personal tribute to the people I wrote them for, and a way of filing them electronically!

Ode on the Occasion of Rachel’s

Musical Birthday Celebrations

And so the time has come at last

To tell of Rachel’s sordid past,

To raise a glass, or nine or ten,

As we celebrate her birth again

A Sarf London girl and proud of it,

She was Brown child number three

The icing on the marital bed for

Joan and her Geoffrey

At 11 she wins a scholarship-

To public school no less,

Where her parents hope she will achieve,

Or at least will do her best

But no. She cannot take it seriously,

She prefers to muck around,

The only work she will put in

Is finding boys in town

But no matter, that is history

And she did study art

At Sheffield polytechnic

A place so close to her heart

We are aware of Rachel’s assets;

Big tits and mile-long legs,

But did you know she bartered them

For Cadbury’s crème Eggs?

Yes there was a price to pay

When flatmates they did score

A pile of luscious chocolate eggs

Was heaped outside the door.

A teacher now of special needs

Of naughty boys a-many

They clambered up the toilet doors

To watch her spend a penny

In Brum she met her one true love

She was completely wowed

A mortgage money lender

That was very well endowed

They moved to London Ealing,

Had Jake and then got wed,

But honeymoon was ruined

Coz John was ill in bed

Then Rosie came then Florence

They’d moved to Coldershaw

And we’d all become firm friends by now

And that’s 20 years or more

She’s always been essential,

The hub of every wheel,

The one who organises everyone

And every single meal

She rallies troops to gatherings

To days out here and there

You don’t fancy playing rounders ? –

Well tough she doesn’t care!

We have great times and laughter

Doing things the Rachel way,

She’s so organised and plans ahead

To make the best of every day

She has always loved our children

And been a huge part of their days,

Of walks, and parks and meals and school

And putting on of plays.

Her picnics they are famous

Gourmet meals inside a hamper

Her catchphrases they are many –

Altogether now- ‘Morning campers!’

She is funny, she is thoughtful

Doesn’t really get the hump

Will preface every photo with

One two three and Jump!

Her social life is legendary

To have coffee- book ahead,

She’s here and there, knows everyone

And this is what they said

She’s fantastic our friend Rachel,

She’s so loud and so much fun,

She’s really great to be with,

She’s really number one

She’s a little on the spectrum,


God help you if you leave some crumbs

On a surface she can see…

She’s giving, she is loving,

She is generous and kind,

She says she doesn’t like attention

But I hope she doesn’t mind

That tonight you are the centre,

The reason we are here

And we want to praise you to the hilt

And raise a glass of cheer.

Rosie on the left with Georgina at Drayton leavers do I think. So aged 18.

Tragically family life was blown apart later that year when Rosie, Rachel and John’s middle child, died very suddenly. She was a wonderful young woman, only just 19 and on the threshold of life when she was snatched.  She is with us always. A website dedicated to her , the charity the family have chosen to support in her name, and an ongoing blog  is at www.rosidwyer.co.uk


2 Responses to “Another party, another Ode. This time for Rosie’s mum.”

  1. Jenny Peachey Says:

    Beautiful Sarah. Am laughing and crying over my breakfast! X

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