We are not amused

May 31, 2012

The Queen and I have something in common

We are jetting off for Jubilee week simply because for 3 days leave you get a whole week off.

I have mellowed my views on the Royal Family over the years, having been punkishly anti the silver jubilee in 77 and spending that week in a caravan in Abersoch. Admittedly it was the only way we poor students were going to afford accommodation but a seriously bad move was it being located in a dry county in North Wales. Which means the pubs don’t open on a Sunday. How ungodly is that???

Chaz n Di’s wedding saw me holed up in bed for the day, steadfastly refusing to catch a glimpse on TV. Well, OK, that was the position my BF of the time was taking and sadly I was going along with it although I did find myself sneaking looks at the TV because I am a bloody girl after all and actually did want to see what creation she was wearing. I wasn’t a Lady Di fan at the time though. And have never been able to tolerate Charles. Ugly tree-hugging twat.

Had a grudging respect for Anne and her charitable work and avoidance of the media. Randy Andy and Fergie – nightmares, and Edward just a tosser.

But then I got sucked in to the glamour of Di, the celebrity status, the dresses, the diets, all of it. And someone in the playground got to know her personally so we had titbits too. And then her tragic death. Our 5 year old in tears, drawing beautiful pictures of her to put up by her bed and saving a Daily Mail pull out (the ONLY time I’ve allowed that shite arese wipe of a rag in the house) . Oh, I watched it all unfold.

And then of course the wedding of William and Kate who looked like they were actually in love.

And now London itself is being decorated and with the sun shining it is looking regal and glorious. The Union flag has been reclaimed as an inclusive celebratory mascot rather than a BNP icon and that’s all good.

So although I have never warmed to Betty and Phil, I am no longer anti-Royal. But when someone said today ‘She does work hard though’ I nearly flipped my lid. I do not doubt she generates loads of income for the country in tourist attraction terms. I do not doubt the Royals do a good ceremonial event. But WORK HARD??? Tell that to a miner. Tell that to the toilet cleaners. Or the soldiers in Afghanistan. Lots and lots of people work hard and much bloody harder than Queenie. And get paid a fucking pittance in comparison.

It’s as if the millions they get are justified by their ‘hard work’. I don’t want her job. I’d like her money and houses though. But I’d want to be a miner less. Or a squaddie. Basically I still have difficulty with the simply ‘being born to it’ thing. It’s so bloody unfair. And she raised a completely fucking dysfunctional family. If she were on a housing estate claiming benefit the Daily Wail would be pointing that out. As it is, she has her own housing estates and does claim benefits (where else does the Civil List money come from but the state?) and somehow we are meant to believe she is ‘better’ than us and we should be impressed she works ‘so hard’. I’m just not buying it.


10 Responses to “We are not amused”

  1. Michaela Vogt Says:

    Sorry, forgot to fill in my details, I did not want to be anonymous!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    As a German friend I would never have dared to say such rude things about the Royals( though that was exactly what a I thought about it…) I still remember how offended my roommate was when I – in 1976- said that I did not find Charles attractive at all and that his ears were too big and sticked out sideways…..

  3. Anna eayrs Says:

    Sarah, this is absolutely brilliant. I look forward to reading all your posts. Read this one out to Simon in the car this morning, he was in hysterics! How are you, long time no see, would love to catch up soon, love Anna x

  4. PAUL Says:

    Top rant Sarah! I’m ok with the royals in general even if most of them are leeches. Not convinced about Kate though. Talking to a passenger once, she knows someone who went to uni with her and says she stopped at nothing to get her man. Poor Will didn’t stand a chance!

  5. Martin sanders Says:

    Miaow!! Saucer of milk over her for Ms Clark please

  6. Jenny Peachey Says:


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