You wear your hair every day

May 18, 2012

The title is how my husband persuaded me it was worth the money to get a good haircut. “Let’s face it,”   he said to me, “You might buy a dress for sixty quid and only wear it three or four times. A haircut you wear every day for 6 to 8 weeks. You do the maths.”  And it so works for me. It has transformed my barnet.  And so now I luxuriate up town in a posh salon and have the top woman tend my tresses. Today I trotted off uptown in the afternoon, had a double shampoo, –  no extra head massage thanks (always surprises them when I refuse) and conditioner. Three glasses of champagne later (yes, i get my money’s worth!) and my hair is looking sleek and glossy. Usually I organise to have my hair cut round 6 pm and meet up with husband to go out on the town, but today he is at Lord’s watching the cricket so have come home to share with you all!

Hairstyle can make such a difference.  I always think it’s the hair and teeth that make the real transformation on all those makeover programmes. From frumpy to fabulous in one quick pixie cut!

We’ve all had bad hair days but I think I have had more than most. I have that inbetween kind of hair. Not straight, not really curly, just kind of wavy at the ends. A style-free zone. But the most traumatic haircut I had was when I was about 14. I had hair mid way down my back and a fringe. I wanted advice on whether to keep the fringe, have a side parting or grow it out. And Mum said she’d take me to a posh hairdressers in a big town 35 miles away. Before I could even open my mouth he picked up my hair and said well you need all this off and cut it up to my jawline. It was horrendous. I started sobbing and was livid with my mother for paying him. ‘Well he did cut it dear so I had to pay’. I got on the school bus the next day and everyone just said ‘Oh. My. God. What have you done?’ Nobody could find anything nice to say about it at all. It was awful. It looked like one of those dreadful home haircuts from wartime. . But it did get rid of my split ends. And my hair did grow back in better condition. Until I decided to go for a bubble perm. So 1980s. What was I thinking??

bubble perm 1982


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