Is it really too much to ask?

May 12, 2012

Manners matter to me. My mother ingrained them in to us. Our Ps and Qs. I think they are vitally important and are a mark of respect for others. Not that I am never rude. I am. But I like to think it is knowingly. Deliberately. As a mark of disrespect. However, there are some things that aren’t neccessarily classified as bad manners but that I find ugly.

So it is that I find various behaviours intolerable and I present my

Top Ten Behaviours That Irritate Me

  1. Someone whol starts texting or checking their phone in the middle of a conversation with you
  2. A shop assistant who answers the phone rather than serve someone who has bothered to come all the way to their shop
  3. Someone who holds their cutlery incorrectly, and doesn’t put it tidily on the plate when they have finished
  4. Yawning. Can’t bear it – want to shake the fuckers and say go for a run and get some oxygen in to yourself you lazy twat. (Exceptions apply if there is a bona fide reason for fatigue)
  5. Text-speak that is simply a contraction of a word rather than an acronym ( so I don’t mind LOL but don’t like cud for could)
  6. People who put their feet on train seats. I don’t want that crap on my coat when I sit down. Or youngsters who push past me on to the tube instead of letting others off first. They rush to the only seats despite being young and not disabled (although I hope they soon will be)
  7. Women who pay no regard to the space around them and walk through a crowd with their enormous oversized handbag bashing in to everyone or flick their long hair off their shoulders and in to my face when I am standing behind them.
  8. Not picking your feet up when you walk so that your shoes slide along the ground. Bloody lazy. Drives me nuts.
  9. Making unacceptable noises whilst eating or drinking; slurping hot drinks – just wait till it’s cooler ffs!! And keep your mouth shut whilst you chew.
  10. People who constantly and noisily sip water out of a plastic bottle at work. I may have mentioned this of fb in the past and makes me realise there is probably a whole separate top ten of annoying things one’s work mates do…………..

5 Responses to “Is it really too much to ask?”

  1. whitt88 Says:

    Short and sweet, but oh you’re so right.

  2. And drivers (mainly Parisian) who go through red lights when you’re waiting to cross the street…HATE THAT!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah – a decision to cross a street anywhere in France is one not to be taken lightly.
      What about people who drop litter on the street or toss it out of the car window – very difficult to spot, but they’re out there in great numbers it would seem, particularly in Ireland.

  3. AGH!!! I am so seethingly in agreement, I can’t even choose my favourite! And what about people who say “No, really, I don’t mind” or “Whatever you like” & then sigh deeply and roll your eyes when you do decide…grrrr….

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