The final push

May 9, 2012

Day Three of the Lakeland break and even the husband is feeling his legs. In deference to my infirmity he decides on a ‘gentle stroll’ to a nearby waterfall. Sounds perfect. The word nearby being key. We kit up and set off with no water, no packed lunch, no poles. This cheers me as it means we are not going to be out for hours and the terrain will be manageable.  It sounded too good to be true. And of course it was. It turned out to be a trek to the highest falls in the Lakes with hips that felt like someone had put elastic bands round them, knees on fire  and thighs swollen to bursting point. The glorious weather meant I was sweating like crazy, but I’m reliably informed that sweat is jst fat crying so that’s all good. And the falls themselves were yet another wonderful view of nature at its best and we turned round to head homeward for the final time.

Despite my inability to use the poles effectively, they would have provided some form of braking as I teetered down the hill, accelrating and out of control. My progress was  stopped only by an ankle deep deluge in to  mud. As my feet remained firm, the rest of my body wavered like a Weeble, desperately trying not to fall down. To my credit I remained upright and pulled my feet out of the quagmire. I was making progress at this walking lark.

And then back to the hotel and in to a huge Keswick pub . Bliss. I was on terra firma, eating chips and drinking wine with my husband. It couldn’t have been better.


2 Responses to “The final push”

  1. Natalie Says:

    “sweat is just fat crying” I love it! x

  2. Janet Says:

    What a nightmare! Hope you can walk again by now x

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