Yet another resolution waiting to be deferred

May 4, 2012

The diet’s going to start when we come back from our weeknd away. We will be walking in the pissing rain in the Lakes so I will be feeling for large pies, chips and puddings every evening so there’s no way it will be starting before then. But it has to start at some point. I have been putting it off for ages. Well, actually that’s not true. I’ve been starting it repeatedly, lasting most of one day and then scoffing a pile of cheese and biscuits, a whole bag of kettle chips or a bag of Giant Chocolate Buttons (OMG how good are they??). All washed down with wine and or rum and coke. So it’s not going well and the lycra is out in force. As are the baggy jumpers. I have loved it when I have lost weight in the past, but the bloody effort it takes NOT to eat a bowl of pasta as big as a bucket is enormous. It’s not cakes and biscuits that bring me down, it’s portion control. So, as we are going away for the Jubilee week, I will have a month to de-pork when I get back from the Lakes on Monday. That should be a start at least. I’m hoping that writing it on here will publically humiliate me n to doing it, but it is quite likely to have the reverse effect and make me post photos of myself with chips and mayonnaise and GBK suppers……..


2 Responses to “Yet another resolution waiting to be deferred”

  1. Janet Says:

    Don’t forget you’re having dinner out on Wednesday ;o)

  2. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Let us know how you get on! Hope you are having a great time in the Lakes – I enjoyed my little jaunt to Manchester and am back to the daily grind now!! xxx

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