A weekend stuffed with goodness

May 3, 2012

I love meeting fun new people. I have a wide definition of fun in this context. People who make me laugh, people who make me think, people who are intriguing, people who give of themselves, anyone really who isn’t boring. Or ignorant. Or self-obsessed in a dominating way. (I don’t mind a smattering of self obsession if it comes with self-awareness). I can enjoy geeks big time, but boring is just hard work; whether it is listening to a dull story about people you don’t know or care about, or hearing every minute detail on how to replace a clutch , or the opposite type of bore who gives monosyllabic answers and doesn’t understand the two way nature of conversation. Similarly, I can’t bear guests who can’t leave their arguments at home and continue to fume at their partner all night, or simply don’t ask anyone any questions at all. The only thing they are interested in is themselves.

Luckily last weekend was filled with interesting people – some new, some old, some pretty fucking ancient!

Having got out of the habit of doing dinner parties (or attending any for that matter!) last weekend had two. The first at ours and the second where we just turned up and got waited on hand and foot. What a joy it is to sit around the table and simply to talk. To laugh. To retell familiar stories to new audiences and to learn new things about old friends.

At ours on Friday we had invited two couples who had only ever briefly met at a party of ours, and similarly on Saturday all the guests did not know each other. One never knows how people will get along but by now we are of the age that I don’t feel responsible for others’ enjoyment, even if we are hosting. I feel everyone has to make an effort. We all have to bring something to the event in terms of conversation. And everyone did. At both evenings. Conversation flowed, we found common ground and ate ludicrous amounts of food. We might have drunk a bit of wine as well. Which may have helped the conversation….


3 Responses to “A weekend stuffed with goodness”

  1. Don’t forget to invite me to the next one! I tick a couple of the boxes! hahahaa !!

  2. Hugh Walker Says:

    Remarkable Sarah. We had an almost identical weekend socially. Similar mix of home and away, old and new and we expressed exactly the same feelings. Have fun around them there Lakes..xx

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