It’s been one of those weeks

May 2, 2012

Everything in the house is  falling apart. First it was a flood in the kids’ sitting room as the shower room leaked through the ceiling (again), so we have the plumbers in ripping it all out and strengthering the floors and basically starting from scratch . Then the kitchen sink got blocked. Possibly (ok, ok, obviously) from my pouring the lamb fat down there and not washing it down with hot water and detergent so it set solid in the U bend. I didn’t run the hot tap after it because the hot tap doesn’t turn off at the moment unless you are the Incredible Hulk and have the strength of Godzilla. Then the next day all the electricity in the house went off and the main fuse was tripped and we couldn’t un-trip it (yeah man, really trippin). Called the electrician who was away on a stag weekend but talked us through what to do till he could get to us the next day. (Highly recommend him if anyone needs an electrician).  Turns out that was due to my lamb fat incident flooding the dishwasher socket under the sink. I’m hoping that’s it for the house maintenence needs at the moment.

But on a good note the builder is coming tomorrow to see about sorting out the back door. I’m keen for folding sliding doors all the way across the back wall of the kitchen. Bad thing is he is arriving at 7 15 am. Eek.


3 Responses to “It’s been one of those weeks”

  1. andyo1976 Says:

    My tip of the day to you. Always know where your stop cock is and make sure it turns on and off. As a Plumber/heating engineer, you’d be amazed with the amount of customers that don’t know where the supply stopcock is! It may save you a small fortune in the long run…
    Andy O.

  2. Lorna Kyle Says:

    O you poor old thing! I hate it when stuff goes wrong in the house. We have a very old flat roof on our kitchen and a couple of times last year when we had those flash rainstorms,water came pouring in where the flat roof joins the outside wall. It was pots and pans everywhere.Worst I think was a few years ago when there was a smell coming from the front garden.We called my dad,living in North London then and he came over with his ‘rods’.He lifted up the drain cover and even as a pale Irishman,blanched.He cleared ‘the backup’ but we closed the curtains in the front room and pretended we were away for the rest of the week…..
    Hope the builder is good looking,it might take your mind off the bill.

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