I am a sucker for a great sales pitch

April 25, 2012

We have had the Audi for about 5 years and I have never liked it. We bought it as a compromise. Never a good idea with us as we tend to have divergent views on everything and a compromise simply means neither of us like the item. But to be honest it has never broken down or let us down so we should be grateful for the fact that the only real issue we’ve had with it is the air con not working properly. So hardly a major issue. For me it has had all the drawbacks of a big car in that it is too big to park easily but none of the brand perks of being a luxury motor. So we decided to buy a new (second hand) car and hurtled to Brentford Mercedes on Sunday in the pissing rain. As ever with Brentford Mercedes they were more keen to avoid helping us although to be fair we did arrive only just before closing. So Internet search back at home reveals a car that sounds hopeful and it is in New Malden so we arrange to see it tonight, after having been to see an MA show in Experimental Film (surprisingly accessible) at Kingston Uni. So we arrive and the salesman is superb. Straightforward, easy , no pressure, good fun. Takes us out in a bigger, more expensive model but isn’t pushy at all. No need to. I am smitten. Love it. Takes me on a trip down memory lane  to my old Merc when the kids were small and all those happy memories. (except when I drove off whilst the youngest was still climbing in to the seats in the boot and I didn’t notice so she flew out backwards in to the road) . He answers every question without hesitation. He’s heard it all before and knows exactly how to play us. Without being clever or smarmy or evasive. You know you are being sold to but it is a joy. And so it is we end up choosing a car costing 50% more than we intended but Husband manfully negotiates a better deal with the finance guy and we part feeling excited that we are buying a car we both actually like this time. And we shake hands with the guy who will be collecting his award as UK Mercedes salesman of the year this Friday. Seriously.  He’s won it ten years in a row and I am not surprised. We were in the presence of greatness and I loved it.


3 Responses to “I am a sucker for a great sales pitch”

  1. if i were you i would forget the famly car and get yourself a nice little convertible!! xx

  2. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Great post! What kind of Merc is it then??

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