Choose pleasure – both to give and to recieve – for all too soon it will be over. We love you Rosie.

April 21, 2012

 My father was a wonderful writer of ditties. Everybody loved them and he had a marvellous way of delivering them. He loved poetry and throughout our childhood he would stride in to the sitting room or kitchen, wherever my mother was, and start reciting to get positive feedback. He never wanted (or required) crtisicism or suggestion, but he needed to say it out loud to get the rhythm and cadence right.

On a much smaller scale I have written Odes over the years to mark special events. Just for fun. Just to mark the occasion.  They are personal so it always helps if you know the recipient. And they are written for me to say out loud, especially when the scanning isn’t perfect but the words critical!

I wrote this one initially in 2007 for the 18 th birthday of a lovely young girl who had grown up side by side with one of our daughters,. We were all going round to the house to celebrate her coming of age so I read the Ode as a toast. Tragically, just over a year later Rosie died, suddenly and unexpectedly. We think of her and remember her all the time. For the funeral, I read the Ode again and added an Epilogue. I post it here so that Rosie is part of my blog, as she is part of my life. In life she made me smile and in death she has made me treasure every day. We are all merely hanging by a thread that can break at any moment.

Ode on the Occasion of Rosie’s 18th Birthday

with Epilogue

One night in dark December,

Contractions came a-pace

And there, a tiny little girl

Whose name is Rosie Grace

She was yellow for a little while,

But always blonde on top

And always oh so pretty,

And that has never stopped

We’ve watched her grow up year on year

And there are some tales to tell,

But loyalty being what it is,

Nat said ‘She just wasn’t feeling well’

Unwell?  said I in some concern

Was she coming down with flu?

No, just off her face in Lammas Park,

Coming home without a shoe

But that’s not a fair summation,

Of the woman here today,

Who is always kind and fun and game

And always keen to play

She’s party queen extraordinaire,

And tries not to be late

Hence fish pie in the carpet

And her room in such a state.

She’s sociable and affable,

Artistic, bright and ace

I’d like to raise our glasses now,

To Ms Dwyer, Rosie Grace

The Epilogue

 And now we are but one year on,

And gathered in St Paul’s

To remember and give almighty thanks

That we e’er knew her at all

For others aren’t so lucky,

They never had her in their world,

But we were blessed by knowing,

This loving little girl.

She’ll be clubbing now in Heaven

White Heat’s the standard Tuesday game

She’ll attract a thousand friends to love her

Like moths around a flame

Her flame that burned so brightly,

Shining light on all she met

We were privileged to have known her

And we will ne’er forget.

We will think of her and often,

When we party hard and long,

When we play games around the table

Or hear a much loved song

We’ll see bits picked out of bowls of food,

CDs not in their case,

And smile with fond remembrance

Of our cherished Rosie Grace

There is a website that celbrates her life, her Art (she was studying at Chelsea) and the charity her family have chosen to support in her name. www.rosiedwyer.co.uk


5 Responses to “Choose pleasure – both to give and to recieve – for all too soon it will be over. We love you Rosie.”

  1. Liz Yandell Says:

    you have your father’s gift of finding those perfect words. Beautiful.

  2. Terri Stewart Says:

    reading this again just now, simply superb and written with love xxx

  3. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Such a beautiful ode – she loved the original one and I’m sure she would have loved the epilogue too. Wonderfully written. We miss Rosie every day xxx

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