I love women

April 19, 2012

I love men too, but women rock my boat collectively.  Wild generalisations of course and there are exceptions, but I find women funny, refreshing, honest, collaborative, open, supportive, driven, self deprecating and keen to have a good time. I recognise too that they (and I) can also be harsh, bitchy, irritable, manipulative, hypocritical and selfish, but I don’t see those as the default options.

When I first qualified I was warned by some that the nurses on the wards were bitches to female doctors. I never found it so. Perhaps I wasn’t a threat to their finding Dr Right, but I’d like to think it was just that life is much pleasanter and easier all round if you get on with work colleagues so, like me, the starting point is that everyone is OK until they prove otherwise.

Plus it helped that I smoked, I am convinced of it. Smoking is a great equaliser. All of us naughty rebellious children holed up in a tiny room puffing away. All of us who should know better but decided to put two fingers up to risk and convention and just live in the moment. The nurses did let the male doctors who were complete arseholes get away with murder (not literally), but the men could swan in and out of the wards, be rude and offhand, order them about like chattel and they would take it. Whereas if any of the female doctors tried to rise above their station, they were greeted with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms in refusal. Perhaps it goes back to the starting point that everyone is OK till proven otherwise, but it takes a hell of a lot more to ” prove otherwise” to a bunch of yourng female nurses if you are a bloke.  Because many of them ( stereotypical but true) really wanted to marry a doctor so were keen to see the best side of them.

They played tricks on me in the early days, making me run in panic from the hospital half a mile away that I also covered,  believing a  recently admitted 17 year old I hadn’t yet seen was now on death’s door. They had put him in a side room and I burst in, terrified, still reading my ‘Idiot’s guide to treating diabetic keto-acidotic coma’  and they stood round the bed,pulling the cover over the body. ‘Too late’ they  said, looking reproachfully at me. Appalled and stunned that I had basically let a 17 year old die in my first week of practicing medicine,  I pulled the blanket off his face. To find pillows arranged as a body. Ha bloody ha. Hilarious. My heart was hammering so hard it nearly jumped out of my chest. They roared with laughter and I joined in. We knew we’d have a good time on the wards together. And  at least  I now knew what to do next time a diabetic came in as an emergency .


3 Responses to “I love women”

  1. whitt88 Says:

    Time is well spent reading you. I’ve never understood how some people just take for granted the enormous energy women in the nursing and teaching professions (just for starters) contribute to society. That they continue to be exploited with inferior pay and under-representation and even disrespect is a real scandal.

  2. whitt88 Says:

    Perhaps I opened the wrong door. Sorry to peek in on you, but I saw your comment on Support/stats and was curious. I don’t bother with TV, so your writing makes these “inside” stories seem very alive. Really, it’s important for ‘us’ to see ‘your’ point of view. Thanks for the insight.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read it Whitt- don’t apologise- I love it when someone is kind enough to comment. There are many medical tales to tell so I’m sure there will be more on here! Keep well x

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