So shoot me

April 18, 2012

I know this is not going to make me popular .But I want you to know it doesn’t mean I am inhuman. I don’t like animals. There I’ve said it. In fact I don’t really give a shit about animals. Honestly. They do nothing for me. I get that you adore them, and that’s lovely all round. I don’t want to be rude, but please don’t assume that everybody is as nuts about cute creatures as you are.  I don’t even carry pictures of my own children around so I’m hardly likely to go weak at the knees at a cat in a hat. But I know I am ususal – but surely not completely alone in this??

Although having said that, how the hell did a stupid performing dog win BGT? It wasn’t even that good. But we are a nation of dog lovers and for some godforsaken reason voted the dog and its owner the biggest talent in the UK. WTF? I have for years had a gripe that the charity to protect neglected animals has royal patronage – the RSPCA. But the equivalent for children does not – the NSPCC. How twisted is that? As a society we donate more to the RSPCA than the NSPCC – about £110m v £90m. We care more about dumb animals than sobbing children. More people ring in to complain if a horse falls over in a TV show than if a child is battered. As long as no animals were harmed in the making of this film, we’re all OK.

It’s not that I wish animals harm. I don’t. Well, I am happy to see them on my plate,but I do not want them to have been tortured on the way. I just I don’t feel sentimental about them.

I loved my cats and dogs I had growing up, but tbh never missed them when I went away to college. But to be fair, my parents didn’t miss me either. You have to remember in those days there were no mobiles, no emails, mo facebook, so communication with home was sporadic letters and occasional telephone calls. I thought I would come home for a surprise visit and bounded up to the family front door.
Only to discover my parents had moved house. Without telling me.


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