It’s taken years of practice to have successful clothes shopping trips

April 9, 2012

memories of shopping trips past are etched on my brain. What should be a fun enjoyable time ends up being a stressful experience with someone storming off, another sulking and me trying to work out how to tell someone something really does them no favours whilst trying to maintain their self esteem. It’s never easy. Especially when ‘everyone wears these’. Everyone doesn’t of course, but the desire to fit in can be strong when one is trying to work out one’s place in the world. Luckily all that is behind us  and Top Shop Oxford Circus held no real fears. Until the youngest (19) suddenly felt sick. She went outside for air whilst we paid and we found a wine bar for lunch. One vomit and half a steak sandwich later she felt better. Then threw up on the pavement but kept walking. Honestly, didn’t miss a step. Amazing. Stoic to the max.


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