Life is good

April 8, 2012

After an evening round at our longstanding lovely friends, losing at contract whist and my being told I am a fantastic liar, we have been up to the flat and my husband has started redecorating the bedroom. I am very pleased. It means a lot to me. I have wanted it done for 2 years and now that some friends are going to use the flat for a few months, he has got out the Farrow and Ball and is hard at it.

Meantime back at the ranch our neice is moving in or a few weeks as she is between homes, our eldest is off room hunting and the bub (who turns 20 next week!) seeing a friend. The middle one is away at Uni studying for her finals. I have Adele on the stereo which has me in tears from the sheer gut reaction to her voice. Seeing her at Hammersmith last Septemeber completely blew me away

21 September 2011 at 21:42

  • Adele was amazing. Awesome. Welled up with the first notes she sang. And repeatedly thereafter -particularly when it was just her, the piano and a great ballad.   And what a cor -blimey – fuck off – don’t give me that shit- geezer she is. So at home on that stage, so out of this world when she sang. 5 stars easy.

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