You think tired, you become tired. Wake up and contribute

April 5, 2012

I don’t know how some people do it. Or why they do it. Mood hoovers I call them. They suck all the positive energy out of a situation as soon as they open their mouth. Sometimes even before that. When you brightly say ‘Hi, how are you?’ Their body sinks, their eyes look dolefully upwards and they proceed to tell you. In boring detail. About their trivial complaints. And that’s the thing – they are complaints. Whine fucking whine. And their pretence at being stoic makes me want to smack them round the head. I’ve seen real illness and I want to show them. Then you’ll know what tired and run down really is.

And even if they are well, they have the knack of still oozing negativity. Lethargy. A complete lack of vim. It must be exhausting being so tired all the time.

It takes a concerted effort to not be sucked up in a mood hoover. But it is so worth it. And such a joy when a contrasting personality breathes life and passion in to the day. Just by being. Smiling, open, vital. It really doesn’t take much to lift the mood.



2 Responses to “You think tired, you become tired. Wake up and contribute”

  1. Danny Says:

    Negativity is imperative to our development as a species. If nobody ever thought anything was shit nothing would ever change and we would be far less developed than we are now. Furthermore, if you never came across anyone negative you would never be able to enjoy that life breathing CONTRASTING personality.

    Maybe ‘Mood Hoovers’ are an extreme that don’t help anyone but I think constructive negativity is essential. Both to improve things in the long term and to complete the spectrum, allowing for and enabling recognition of positivity.

    Liking the blog so far. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Danny. I agree wholeheartedly that constructive criticism is a good thing in general, and a vital part of change .But some people have an attitudinal affectation that means they appear to look at everything in a negative way. Even something that they would agree is good news, will come with a list of problems rather than celebration of the positive aspects. It’s not about dismissing the negatives or ignoring them, it’s about seeing them in the context of the situation as a whole. So it’s the person who has managed to get tickets for the 100m final but can only think about how long it is going to take them to get in to the Olympic Stadium. I agree the journey time and security may be horrible (and need criticism to be improved!), but surely the joy of having 100m final tickets more than compensates and should be the overriding emotion?
      I feel another rant coming on………..

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