I never knew Hockney was from Bradford

April 5, 2012

Hockney’s exhibition at the Royal Academy is vibrant and ennervating. I felt uplifted with the boldness of the colours and the palette he had chosen. But my favourites were the charcoal drawings. Looking at the intricacies in them I could appreciate that he can draw. The paintings on the other hand do make one think one could perhaps have done them onesself, lovley as they are. The evening as a whole was great – meeting husband at the Wolseley – an upscale brasserie next door to the Ritz and housed in an old car showroom. Wonderful easy service , busy and buzzy. Harry had apparently been in at lunchtime our waiter told us – very nice and friendly by his account. Around us the tables reflected a section of London; on my right a Scottish mother and daughter having shortbread with their wine and studying the tube map, on my left two hardened hacks or media types letting the world hear their cynicism. The young Japanese woman in a multicoloured tartan mini- skirt suit, pink tights and high heels.  In contrast an old gent sat alone aand made me realise there really is an age limit beyond which one should not wear  a brown zip up hoodie. Or probably any hoodie for that matter.


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