really this should be the second post.

March 29, 2012

Living it Large

Loving life with the family in Fino, Charlotte Street

I have taken heed of suggestions that I start a blog (ok, one suggestion) on the back of the fact that I love writing status updates on FB. It may in fact be a ploy to stop me filling FB newsfeeds, but whatever the the reason, I’m going to try blogging. I’m hoping this blog will keep a record of all the great London stuff that I am lucky enough to do, even if I dont appear to appreciate it half of the time!

Herewith the

lovely afternoon drinking in the sunshine on Heddon Street, pretheatre  Otto Lenghi and then She Stoops to Conquer at the National. Fine individual comic performances (including Becky off Corrie), enjoyable choreographed pieces and that great rotating stage. Was it the Jacobean language, was it the length (3 hours), or was it the lack of intimacy in the Olivier that stopped me being swept away? A bold script editor could have made this in to a side splitting production rather than a rib tickler. Three stars (just scraped them)

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