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The trials and tribulations of freelancing mean sometimes I am meant to be in two places at once. But this afternoon I ended up being in neither, having left one client to go to another, only to be told the materials wouldnt be ready for review  till next week.. So home to the office where the joys of tinterweb allow me to continue working without having to schlepp back to a client.

Then up to Covent Garden for a leaving do – a small band of 8 of us saying farewell to one off home to SA, and one to a new job in the same company. Easy night in a buzzy pizza place but quiet enough we could hear ourselves speak. Accompanied a country cousin to the tube station as she didn’t klnow where she was (Covent Garden to Charing Cross) and soon I was home and not wrecked. An unusal combination for me.


I am lucky enough to go out loads. This is in no small part due to my husband who made us take a vow to enjoy London if we were not going to move out, so he gets on and books stuff for us to see.

These are my FB reviews for 2012 that I have been able to find on my timeline.

Bingo at the Young Vic. Even Patrick Stewart couldn’t save this dull, pedestrian offering which showed Shakespeare as self obsessed and out of touch with humanity in his dying years. Grim . Half a star

Snookered at the Bush theatre captured the rivalries and bonds between four asian lads who meet every year to commemorate their dead friend as they drink more and more throughout the course of the evening. Earthy dialogue that rang true and hilarious for the most part,(altho what do I know – I’m not an Asian male from Bradford!)  but slightly unsatisfactory exploration of the underlying story. Three and a half stars

Midsummernight’s dream at the Lyric, Hammersmith. A great slapstick interpretation with lots of laugh out loud moments, a band, a food fight, a superhero, and surprise tactics that really work. Thanks for the tip Becky Jolley!

Emmy the Great at QE Hall last night. Perhaps a slight misnomer. Emmy the Quirky with a great voice. Three stars.

back to earth with a bump doing my VAT returns. Fabulous break lying around doing absolutely nothing except read, chat, walk on the white sand in to the azure crystal clear sea……… bliss. And it was all-inclusive so champers agogo, interspersed with mojitos, rum punches and a few wadidleys. I ate like a bird tho. A hummingbird that is. It eats its own bodyweight every single day. — at Ealing (London)
The Changeling at the Young Vic- a dark story of a woman who sells her soul so she can marry for love. Oh what tragedy lies ahead! But comedy too which makes for a surprising sex n drugs n rock n roll  feel even  with the Jacobean language. Great feel of very live theatre. Three and a half stars.
Juno and the Paycock at the National does not deliver the tragedy or the comedy well enough. The cast hardly interact with each other – the tenement they live in is bizarrely palatial in proportions so they have too much space to be able to generate the intimacy of family and its underlying tensions as they disintegrate. The son and daughter trapped by expectation did give us moments of real emotion, but overall this production failed to connect with me. Two stars.
10 February
Sleeping with Straight Men (at the Stag in Victoria)  is based on the true story of a  chat show where the unsuspecting waiter meets his secret gay admirer with disastrous consequences. The show was never aired and in this enjoyable re-creation the characters are fairly thinly drawn stereotypes and the plot a bit shaky at times, and I wanted more pazzazz from the drag queen but three stars.  Which is the same rating I’d give the massive, brilliantly executed Noises Off at the Old Vic because I am just not a fan of this classic type of farce, how ever well done it is and my stars are based on my enjoyment not their technical ability.

At roughly a pound a minute Don Giovanni was an hour too long. Despite the opening scene being rape and murder, this was a slow start lacking real horror and emotion.The orchestra failed to ignite but Donna Anna’s reliving of the rape scene to her fiance was beautiful and moving. The rest was a fairly solid performance but no real stand outs.  3 stars
Excellent kitchen sink drama at the Bush theatre;unbeknown to the mum,the new nanny is hired by the husband working abroad. Cue fast paced sharp dialogue often funny, often really touching raw nerves of how parenting can be. And at twenty quid excellent value for money.An easy four stars
Living it Large

Loving life with the family in Fino, Charlotte Street

I have taken heed of suggestions that I start a blog (ok, one suggestion) on the back of the fact that I love writing status updates on FB. It may in fact be a ploy to stop me filling FB newsfeeds, but whatever the the reason, I’m going to try blogging. I’m hoping this blog will keep a record of all the great London stuff that I am lucky enough to do, even if I dont appear to appreciate it half of the time!

Herewith the

lovely afternoon drinking in the sunshine on Heddon Street, pretheatre  Otto Lenghi and then She Stoops to Conquer at the National. Fine individual comic performances (including Becky off Corrie), enjoyable choreographed pieces and that great rotating stage. Was it the Jacobean language, was it the length (3 hours), or was it the lack of intimacy in the Olivier that stopped me being swept away? A bold script editor could have made this in to a side splitting production rather than a rib tickler. Three stars (just scraped them)

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